The main reason i started this site is basically to have a central place to catalog the many facets of my life, personal, professional and travel as well as having something to serve as a memoir of sorts. I lead a multi-dimensional busy life, always running around doing a lot of things, sometimes i lose track of it all.


Tendai Marengereke is an Information Security professional, Certified Ethical Hacker with significant experience and expertise in areas of Cybersecurity, particularly in the sub fields of Digital Forensics & Incidence Response, penetration testing, and Python programming.  His focus is within the area of defensive security, also known as the blue team within the information security sector.

Where am i from?

Most Zimbabwean natives have two home; a rural homestead as well as an urban one. i hail from Madzingidzi (Canaan as my Dad used to call it) a village within Rusape a small town in the Manicaland province. In the city my proud home is Kambuzuma, a bustling high density ghetto within Harare the Capital of Zimbabwe.

Why the monkey logo?

My totem is Soko Murehwa. Totems play a huge role in the culture of the Zimbabean people. They identify the different clans that exist among the Zimbabwean people. It is an important part of our family heritage which i choose to mantain and uphold.

Soko Murehwa, which belongs to the main Soko cluster has a close relationship with the animal monkey and its taboos include refraining from monkey meat. It has for long been used as a form of identity; identifying people of belonging to that totem with a unique social, economic, or historical background and past. It was thus a common unifying factor which bound together individuals, families and clans.

Like other totems in Zimbabwe, the Soko Murehwa totem is used in addressing people, by and large the elders, and is associated with family dignity and respect. It has also been used in praise poetry, thanksgiving, even in times of mourning.